Am I the only one that is tripped out by the fact that he is a country singer? Isn’t he like a frat boy from Florida? I remember when his band was on MTV every 10 mins and that dude was golfing and shit on the videos.

Cowboys golf?

Then again one of the biggest names in country is Australian and is married to Nicole Kidman.

One thing that Hootie does have, is one of the best bars in Vegas. There is a Hootie bar in The Silverton Casino and that place is bad ass:

Beers are cheap, the food is good and super cheap, and they have a bowling alley inside a double-wide inside the casino.

Also every time I’ve been there, our waitress was some Euro-trash x-model who did not look happy to be working there. I love that place.

In research of this post I learned it is no longer Hootie themed but it is exactly the same place, minus Hootie.

Ohh Well.


5th of November

“More than 400 years ago a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives. So if you’ve seen nothing, if the crimes of government remain unknown to you, then I suggest you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. “v_for_vendetta

Kimbo Slice is a F**king Chump


Don’t get me wrong he could totally kick my ass. In fact his 12 year old daughter could kick my ass. I was listening to the Adam Carolla Podcast this morning and  some MMA dude  (Brett Rogers) was on with his trainer and his trainer made an excellent point. I have the worst memory ever so Im gonna paraphrase what he said:

“Kimbo’s internet videos were staged, I mean what he was doing is illegal. if you were going to do something illegal such as buy hard drugs, would you bring a camera crew along and video tape it.”

“All those fighters signed waivers it was as legit as any other fight, he  just fought chumps.”

It’s true when I go to buy tranny hookers and crack (hypothetically) wouldn’t bring a camera crew, I would do it on my own.

I don’t watch MMA but from what I hear all the street tough guy (Kimbo) sucks ass in the ring and loses to real fighters all the time.

I wrote this whole piece just to post a funny pic of Kimbo so enjoy (yeah he is playing Nintendo Wii) cute.

Fan Boy Art



I was doing my normal blog viewing regiment this morning and I stumbled upon this pic. The fellas over at slashfilm had posted this pic and I thought some of you guys would dig it. The artist name is Franco Brambilla and he has done some other awesome stuff, so click on his name to go to his site and check out some of his other work.

Also if you love movies and movie news, /slash film is my favorite film blog. It maybe written by nerds but at least they aren’t 45 years old and write from their mom’s basement (I kid, I kid, I love me some Harry Knowels).

Oh and yes, that is an AT-AT  Imperial Walker.

The World’s Best Hip Hop Video

I have been a fan of music videos for my whole life. From the 1st time my parents sprung for cable, I started watching MTV and I haven’t stopped 25 years later. I think this is due to the fact that I love both music and film and this medium combines them both. Over the last 10 years or so Hip Hop has become the most popular music in the United States; go look at the Billboard Hot 100, I bet you at least 50% of the artists on the chart are Hip Hop artists.
I am a fan of Hip Hop, unlike my friends who are fans of “Underground Hip Hop” (Some examples of “Underground Hip Hop” include: Atmosphere, Anticon, Del tha Funkee Homosapian, and Murs to name a few). While I can appreciate these acts and in fact like a few, Gangsta Rap is my favorite genre of Hip Hop. I especially love Southern “Dope Boy” Hip Hop and by far, my favorite rapper is Lil Wayne.
So you must be asking yourself “What the hell does Brian liking Lil Wayne have to do with the world’s greatest hip hop video?”
Wayne and Birdman have created the greatest hip hop video of all time. That video is “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy”. This video is the most straight up gansta video ever, let me give you a play by play of its greatness:
* Weezy and Baby are chillin with some hoes, when the cops try to raid the spot. Baby and Wayne bust through one of the walls on  GXR 1110 and the chase starts.
* Baby and Weezy switch cars and spit rhymes while they run from the cops. Btw the Car is a Donk.
* In between the “actual story” Wayne drinks cough syrup and throws money around, Baby busts some of his rhymes while getting a neck tattoo, that right a NECK TATTOO.
• Baby and Weezy outrun the cops, blow up their car and escape to be gangsta yet another day.
Now you may be thinking to yourself, “That is like every hip hop video I have ever seen”, I agree with you; it is every Hip Hop video you have ever seen all rolled into one video, and that’s what makes it great. Well and Baby gets a fucking neck tattoo while rapping, and I don’t know about you but to me that shit looks real.