The Best Video By One of My Favourite Bands

I don’t have much explaining to do about this video, just watch and enjoy. I spelled the favorite British style, because I believe Justin would want it that way.

If you are heading out to the LBC today for Formula D, I’ll see you there.


Think you have a theory on how “Lost” is going to end?….

I just started watching “Lost” a couple of weeks ago via DVD  box sets and I have to say that I am hooked. After watching this many episodes of  this fantastic show, “Heroes” really seems like a big crap fest. I am almost ready to start watching the final season, so I am not ready to make any guesses on how I think the show is going to end; but i know a gentleman who does, his name: Adam Quigley.

Adam is one of the hosts of the Slashfilmcast podcast and a overall funny guy. I am an avid listener to the podcast and enjoy Adam’s reviews and banter. Adam also has his own site called Always Watching and on this site, Adam has detailed his theory on the series finale.

I haven’t read this theory yet but I’m sure it’s good, I just don’t want to spoil anything for myself, but if you are interested in what  Adam’s theory is, click the link below:

Unraveling the Mysteries of Lost

By the way, the pic in this post is of the cast posing in a recreation of “The Last Supper”.

I think Ratatat has found their calling…..

I have never been much of a fan of Ratatat, in fact I saw them live and was not impressed; there is nothing wrong with their musicianship or songs at all. I think my past dislike of them was due to the fact that I am not one for instrumental music, I enjoy classical music from time to time and also enjoy a bit of ” French” house music such as Daft Punk and Justice, but overall I like my music to have lyrics.  With this being said I would like to go back to my orginal comment of Ratatat finding their calling, which is beats for hip hop songs.

I have had the Kid Cudi album for a while now and haven’t really listened to it (I’ve been on bit of a Nirvana kick lately) but I happened to be flipping through the channels and came across this video on MTVU and was blown away. Not only does it have MGMT singing the hook, but the beats are freaking amazing. This song really proves that when you get a group of people that are extremely talented together, good things happen.

Not only is the music to the song amazing but Cudi’s lyrics and delivery are equally amazing. The song really illustrates the highs and lows of partying and reminds me of the good old days (pre-baby).  It took some balls to make a track without the usual R&B singer hook and typical hip-hop beats, but Cudi has really pulled it off. So check out the video and hopefully there will be some more good stuff like this in the future.

Avatar – After Months of Sh*t talking, I’m On Board

I was in the same boat as most folks when it comes to this film; I saw the trailer and said “That looks like a steaming pile of crap”. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to be eating those words. The reviews are coming in on the film and they are good, real good.

If you have read past posts on this blog you would now that I am a big fan of slashfim and the slashfilmcast, Dave Chen from both the site and the pod cast has posted his review of Avatar and I have to say that I am sold.

Click HERE and read Dave’s review.

cliff notes: awesome movie with retarded dialog, but it’s in 3-D so I’ll look past its faults.