Month: June 2015

The Watcher


I don’t know if you guys have heard about this in the news, but Gawker has been following it pretty hard on their site. This is some spooky shit, even if it is a hoax or not. Since I was a kid and first saw The Amityville Horror, New England style houses have freaked me out, so this pic doesn’t help anything.

Here is a link to the story on Gawker take a look and let me know what you think; because if it were me I would GTFO!!!


Obey Sample Sale June 27


If you still wear Obey this is the place to be, the deals are out of control!! So are the people that go to the sales, from what I’ve heard you might want to brush up on your martial arts skills before heading out.

Shepard seems like a good dude though, head out and support them!!

Lagunitas building a brewery in Azusa!!


Look like Lagunitas is moving on down the coast!! According to this article on Eater LA they are planning on building a facility in Azusa in 2017. All of the sudden Azusa is slowly becoming a hot spot for beer, Congregation Ale House opened a spot in Azusa and now Lagunitas!?!

Here’s to hoping that it is a beautiful place like Stone’s World Garden in Escondido and we have a nice place to hang on Summer Sunday Days!

Im back…..


It’s been a long time since I have created any new content for this blog, to tell you the truth I really miss writing, I mean I’m not Hemingway or Hilton but I do enjoy writing about things I find interesting and fun to look at so I’m gonna try and be less of a bummer and put out some new stuff.

So look for a lot of re-posts and dumb stuff like that but i will try and make it more personal too.

So yeah, hopefully you find something you like.