Month: February 2010

I think Ratatat has found their calling…..

I have never been much of a fan of Ratatat, in fact I saw them live and was not impressed; there is nothing wrong with their musicianship or songs at all. I think my past dislike of them was due to the fact that I am not one for instrumental music, I enjoy classical music from time to time and also enjoy a bit of ” French” house music such as Daft Punk and Justice, but overall I like my music to have lyrics.  With this being said I would like to go back to my orginal comment of Ratatat finding their calling, which is beats for hip hop songs.

I have had the Kid Cudi album for a while now and haven’t really listened to it (I’ve been on bit of a Nirvana kick lately) but I happened to be flipping through the channels and came across this video on MTVU and was blown away. Not only does it have MGMT singing the hook, but the beats are freaking amazing. This song really proves that when you get a group of people that are extremely talented together, good things happen.

Not only is the music to the song amazing but Cudi’s lyrics and delivery are equally amazing. The song really illustrates the highs and lows of partying and reminds me of the good old days (pre-baby).  It took some balls to make a track without the usual R&B singer hook and typical hip-hop beats, but Cudi has really pulled it off. So check out the video and hopefully there will be some more good stuff like this in the future.