Month: December 2009

Avatar – After Months of Sh*t talking, I’m On Board

I was in the same boat as most folks when it comes to this film; I saw the trailer and said “That looks like a steaming pile of crap”. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to be eating those words. The reviews are coming in on the film and they are good, real good.

If you have read past posts on this blog you would now that I am a big fan of slashfim and the slashfilmcast, Dave Chen from both the site and the pod cast has posted his review of Avatar and I have to say that I am sold.

Click HERE and read Dave’s review.

cliff notes: awesome movie with retarded dialog, but it’s in 3-D so I’ll look past its faults.


Lucky 13 Warehouse Sale – Yet another sale I won’t be at

Yes, yet another warehouse sale planned for this weekend. This one is a rockabilly shindig, so expect nice looking cars and ladies (if you are into that kind of thing, I’m not because I’m married).

December 5, 2009 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Lucky-13 Warehouse Sale
1300 E . Wakeham Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Good news rockabilly fans, Lucky 13 is holding a Warehouse Sale December 5th. Save 50 – 70% on all of the company’s drag-strip inspired clothing for guys, girls, and kids. Grease up, get down, and save big!

Pro-Motion Distribution Garage Sale

For all of you that aren’t unemployed like myself, travel to Industry and buy yourself some awesome car parts.

I just thought an asain car “model” would work for this post.

End of Year Inventory Blowout Sale This Weekend at Pro-Motion Items up to 75% off

Pro-Motion Garage Sale
For one day & one day only
The Nation’s Largest Sports Compact Distributor
Open’s it’s doors to the public
Over Stock, Scratch & Dent, Discontinued Items
Everything Must Go!

Saturday, December 5th, 2009
883 S. Azusa Ave.
City of Industry CA, 91748

This is a Cash Only Payment Event
No Credit Cards
No Refunds
No Exchanges
All Sales are Final